Dayana Santos De Castro
Telephone 631 968 8111
Post Office Box Five
Brightwaters, NY, 11718

Born 1965; Nova Iguaηu,
Rio De Janeiro, BRASIL

ACADEMIA DOS LETRAS (University) Brazil; Professor Afranio Coutinho, Ph.D (UCLA); acclaimed scholar worldwide (private advisor to many foreign governments).

Public Speaking / Media
SONY MUSIC BRASIL: solo music CD; Live Broadcast Radio Show Host throughout Brazil; volunteer and fundraiser for Inca Cancer Research Hospital, Rio De Janeiro.

Jeffrey Ackerman  ( senior finance director, Swiss based multinational corporation)
Virginia Evans ( Long Island Association executive for Newsday; Chicago Tribune)
Public Collections
Phuntsok Choephel Ling Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism c/o Sapan Rinpoche Lama Kunga Gyaltsen; Nederland, (Boulder), Colorado - (prints)    

Corporate Collections

IBMS International Bellevue, WA; TecBank Corp. Seattle, WA; - (prints)      German Consulate for the State of Washington Bellevue, WA - (prints)
Private Collections

Mr. & Mrs. Linda Nordstrom - (Nordstrom Department Stores family). - (prints)
Mr. Christian Seifert - (Honorary German Consul, Washington State). - (prints)
Mr. Neil Evans - (Microsoft Chief Technology Officer,  1983 - 1994). - (prints)
Mr. Barrett Williams - (colleague, Nobel Laureate, S. Chandrashekar). - (prints)
Dr. Percival Lima - (retired Colonel, Brazilian military officer, MD). - (prints)
Dr. Carl Pillitterri - (private practice, MD, Long Island, New York). - (prints)

1998 - Studio Adriana; (Phoenix) Mesa, Arizona solo 25 paintings
1999 - Latin Artz; (Phoenix) Mesa, Arizona solo exhibit 50 paintings
2000 - Studio De Castro; Sherman Oaks, California solo 75 paintings
2001 - Dayana; Sherman Oaks, California solo exhibit 100 paintings
2002 - Charles Martinez Studio; Crestline, California solo 125 paintings
2003 - Silicon Rainforest; Seattle, Washington solo exhibit: 150 paintings
2004 - Second Ave. Artists Community; Bay Shore, NY solo - 200 paintings 

"Dayana ... stunning for what I saw, especially on the website series 7 and The Cross; the influence in your art is not only from Pablo (Picasso) or Salvador (Dali), it is the cubism in general that acquires the top of the depuration; Joan Miro would be so proud of that perfection."

--- Dr. Virgilio Vinas (his grandfather was the career art dealer for Salvador Dali):

"compared to me, De Castro has a 10x better chance of making it as a big time New York artist"  - "Dayanas work is really excellent. The figures and faces remind me of many great artists like Chagall, Picasso, Klee ... she is really gifted and visionary."

[anon. Ph.D, MFA - Emmy winner (Steven Spielberg), Oscar nominee (George Lucas); artistic advisor to Martin Scorcese ... veteran fine artist exhibited at two major NYC art galleries; heavily publicized in Wall Street Journal and worldwide press. ]

"Dayana De Castro communicates to the abstract inner language of human conscious awareness in its connection to the divine - the cosmic complexity of life: spirit-form representations at the level of metaphysical extrapolation - a suffering mankind kissing the face of the vast, invisible yet innately good universe ... powerful and variegated expressions of our mortal condition - life, love, fear, destruction, creation, celebration and mystery; a wide field of psycho-physical contemplations, in a profound dance of physical humanity reaching to its heart reaching to its divinity; the human condition in its phantasmagorical sense - from the postulated extremes of pain and suffering to the sacred feast of love, hope and dreams - transfigured by an ordinary yet supramundane consideration of the life drama and enigmatic journey to the divine; art that is esoteric yet accessible; sacredly inward yet openly convex; mystically vibrant yet real."        

 --- collector, Roosevelt (Montagne) family.






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